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How many more capable people are there Come and help me.Then he said seriously, Ge Ge, we still have to rely on the eunuchs for the affairs of the outer court.Zhao Quanbao is also smart, let him make friends with the outsiders, and we won t be slow in everything here.Others half shot.Zhao Quanbao is indeed clever enough, otherwise how could he dare to catch up with Yuzhan and run to her in one breath Yuzhan seems to be a shrunken girl these days.It s not that she has no means or heart, but that she is more shy, even if she has an idea, she doesn t have the courage to do it.She also understood what Yu Ping meant, the last time the fourth elder brother got angry, it was a little late for their yard to get the news.This kind of thing happened before, it s not that Li Wei didn t take it seriously, but she didn t know where to inquire, and she was afraid of inquiring about the fourth elder brother, what if she accidentally touched the tiger s butt If you can t do it, just don t do it.One was that there was a eunuch in the Song family who had diarrhea and asked if he should move out.Because if you go out, you can t come back.With Song Gege s character, he wouldn t ask for help just for a eunuch.Zhang Desheng hurt his kind, he wanted to plead for the eunuch s mercy, he can be cured in the yard without going out.The second is that Li Gege doesn t even want snacks recently, and there are only two meals a day.Does this master have something to say Su Peisheng thought about it for a while, and said directly stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner You don t need to use your brain to move the people from Mr.Song s place That master has a big belly now, let alone a low level eunuch, even your master, I want to do it.Stay away Move quickly, don t delay As for Li Gege, although it was just such a trivial matter as not to order dim sum, Su Peisheng did not dare to draw conclusions lightly, and only said Master Li s matter, I will return when I have a chance.But these are all based on the impression of fourth master is serious, mean and simple , there is a real fourth master suprenza diet pill in front of her, she really wants to know.Because the room that fourth master arranged for her was very gorgeous, as gorgeous and soft as a gold selling cave.It makes people feel like a spoiled concubine and a harem at a glance.Did fourth master like this style in the first place Or did he cooperate with her to decorate the room Because she is both a concubine keto slim advanced weight loss pills and his harem.The fourth elder brother said relaxedly When we move there, I will show you.I deliberately chose such a nearby yard, maybe it is to save him two steps every time he goes there idiot.Chapter 15 Two days later, the fourth elder brother specially asked Zhang Desheng to send a map of her yard.Li Wei thinks this picture is 150 square meters, five bedrooms, three living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom, and a yard of about 50 square meters.He entrusted Zhang Desheng and begged him to bring back a few bowl lotus plants.But Yu Ping didn t agree, the things were sent by the fourth elder brother, oh, let s go and take the initiative to say that Wan Lian is spoiled Isn t this looking for death Zhao Quanbao was also afraid that this would be bad, what would Zhang Desheng do if he sold his stuff The two couldn t make up their minds, so they had to go to Li Wei.Li Wei also wondered why the Wanlian in this pot became more and more sparse, and then heard the two people say that the root of the Wanlian was broken, and the lotus was about to wither, so they were worried about what to do.This is something that Fourth Master specially rewarded you.Yu Ping s tears came down, she was afraid.But Li Wei, who can t grow flowers in modern times, is not very surprised.The girl standing by the table with silver chopsticks looked at Li Wei winked, and quickly gave her a piece.The two color lotus flower crisp is a bit like the red bean paste bread that I ate in elementary school.The red bean paste is exposed outside, and the bread is in the shape of a five petal flower.The outside of the lotus flower crisp is three or five layers of salty pastry, and the middle of the petals to the center of the flower is brick red red bean paste, which is fried.In order to avoid causing trouble to the master by dropping the puff pastry when eating, these dim sums are all in one bite size.The three chatted while eating, and after eating for about a quarter of an hour, a girl ran to the porch from the outside, said a few words to a person standing by the door, and left quickly.He sat down and held her down and said, Don t move.I saw that Li Wei often ate a few dishes, but they almost didn t touch them.He waved his hand and told everyone else to go down.There were only two of them left in the house.He frowned and asked her, Why don t you eat Li Wei hasn t seen him for a long time, and recently she often has ups and downs, always thinking of him.At this time, she couldn t help but fell into his arms, and said in a coquettish voice, I don t want to eat.But I m fine and I m not sick.After she finished speaking, she felt that there was at least two catties of honey in her voice.Sweet toothache.I must have stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner missed him so much.Li Wei comforted herself, and hugged him obediently, leaning on him as if she had no bones.The fourth elder brother also hugged her very cooperatively, stroking her back up and down, without any impatience.If the fourth elder brother had made up his mind to let her take care of Mrs.Song and the children at that time, he would have to think about Li Gege, who was only beloved.Therefore, he never entered Wugege s house after that.He wants Wu Gege to have no favour, no one to rely on, and best prescribed diet pill to rely on Li Shi for his life.In a daze, Fujin didn t hear the words behind Nanny Fu, and when she came back to her senses, she saw Nanny Fu s worried eyes, and said it s all right.I just wanted to sigh.Fujin felt suddenly enlightened.It s like walking a hundred steps by yourself, only to look back and find that the person walking with you has already counted keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill the one hundred steps after the thirty steps.Mother Fu heard her say I thought she would not do that.Mother Fu was puzzled, but she didn t dare to ask.It was obvious that Fujin had thought of something else.Seeing Fujin s disappointed face, he also knew that he had to leave a few days after he came back, which was not very good for Fujin, and even he was a little worried, saying The elder brothers are going.The emperor wants to take us away.Go to see and see, but this time it shouldn t be too long, the soldier is very fast, and he will come back after capturing the leader of the bandit.Fujin cheered up, and just about to tell him to rest assured, he saw the fourth elder brother shun the others.She knew that it was the fourth elder brother who had something to tell her, so she quickly listened attentively.The fourth elder brother thought that there was still time, but who knew that he was about to leave.Thinking of how Fujin and Li Shi made the servants of the Ministry of Internal Affairs play around, he was not at ease.From the eldest elder brother down to the eighth elder brother, they all went together.Two months after the fourth elder brother left, Fujin became pregnant.The author has something to say See you tomorrow 38, Xiaobaihua Before learning the news that Fujin was pregnant, Li Wei was sorting out the four boxes that Su Peisheng had brought over by the fourth elder brother before he left.She opened the box and saw, fourth elder brother, you must have been bribed If there are two items in the box, only two boxes are occupied.One is a complete set of ivory carving dressing, including the largest three layer makeup box with makeup mirror, twelve kinds of palm sized small boxes, small boxes, usually used to put rouge, face powder, hair oil, etc.There are also two hand mirrors, which can be taken in the hand.

Who knew Fujin would give birth at this time Song Gege regretfully touched the brand new little cheongsam, complaining in his heart that Fujin s child was born at an untimely time.Wouldn t it be great if he could wait until Da Gege entered the palace to regenerate At most half a month will do.Concubine De has no interest in these two young granddaughters born in Si Age s mansion, and she has never given a reward since she was born, let alone asked to come in to have a look.If you miss this year, you can only wait for next year.After thinking for a while, Song Gege comforted himself, Next year, Da Gege will be older and learn more things.Maybe Yonghe Palace will like her more when she enters the palace.In the small courtyard, Li Wei breathed a sigh of relief.Ever since the fourth elder brother planned best prescribed diet pill to let the two little princesses enter the palace, Mammy Liu began to teach the second princess the rules of entering the palace.If you want to eat something light, they are a string of truths.The prince s servants are all given by the emperor, and his every move follows the emperor s order Look after the prince.As soon as the fourth elder brother heard it, he remembered the nanny and the chief eunuch when he was a child.He frowned and said, ThenYour Highness, why don t you go to other places to change the taste.What about the food At that time, I will drag a bunch of people to beat boards at the door, which is annoying.The prince waved his hand and sighed softly I, it s better not to hurt people.The fourth elder brother swallowed the rest of the words.The two walked slowly and were about to arrive at the Hall of Martial Arts.The prince reminded the fourth elder triadalean diet pills brother in a low voice There is something, you must have heard about it.After breakfast, fourth master lectured to elder brother, and then assigned new homework.Afterwards, use snacks and write big characters until noon.After keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill lunch and lunch break for half an hour, dismounting is running and shooting targets.Have a snack at four o clock in the afternoon, have dinner at six o clock, and go to bed on time at eight o clock in the best prescribed diet pill evening.Big brother didn t clamor for Fujin, because Fujin wasn t the person who accompanied him most by his side before.From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, the nanny is the one who accompanies him the most.Now that best prescribed diet pill the nanny is by his side, with the little eunuchs playing spinning tops and darts with him, and Da Gege and Er Gege accompanying him to write and talk, he feels happier than living in the backyard.When he was free, the little eunuchs here would all ask, Do you want to shoot darts, how does the keto pill work brother Or spin a Best Prescribed Diet Pill - Follow The Step (1) spinning top What the girl and the mothers said there was Brother, go to write Have you memorized the book If he said that he had finished writing and memorized, Fujin would smile and ask the mother to teach him a few more Manchu words.How many Manchu words have she learned She accompanied him to review the new Manchu words.He wrote a few big characters for Er Niang to read, and Er Niang was really happy.Big if you lose weight do you get taller or shorter brother is so obedient and smart, Erniang is so happy.Fujin has been holding his hand since just now, and Erniang s soft hand is different from the nanny and the others.Big Brother has been looking at Eniang, because she has been looking at him today and smiling at him all the time.Emiang made you a dress, come and try it on.Not only did Emiang make him a new dress, a new belt, but also new calfskin boots and a horn finger, which he wore on his hand.Just right.He was so excited to put on new clothes, new boots, and a finger wrench.Do you like it or not Er Niang asked him gently.I like it I like it Big brother nodded desperately.The fourth master knew that Er Gege had changed her teeth, so she asked her to open her mouth to have a look, and confessed that she could not eat sour or sweet food during this period, and then said It will be fine after changing the teeth, Ama s teeth are all good now.Er Gege and The second elder brother was relieved.In the evening, Li Wei said disappointedly They don t believe what I say, so they believe you.The fourth master smiled contentedly and said, I am their Ama.A few days later, the emperor bestowed his name , This time everyone from the big brother to the seventh brother s family has a share, which makes Li Wei best prescribed diet pill feel that the emperor has saved so many people, so let s wholesale in one go.The second elder brother entrusted the elder brother s blessing and was also given a name.The elder brother is called Hong Hui, and his name is Hong Lin.Fourth Master gently touched her forehead with his lips.Unable to hear the voices in the room, Yu Ping wanted to go in quietly to take a look, but was stopped by the elder mother, she said I m afraid the masters will fall asleep inside.The elder mother waved her hand, and the two went outside the house, The mother taught her There is a kang burning in the house, so no one can be frozen.If the masters don t speak, they may not be able to let people in.Yu Ping was puzzled, and the eldest mother shook her head and said, Just listen to me.After a while, the room called for someone, and Yu Ping went in, and saw that Master Li and Fourth Master sometimes met their eyes, even if they didn t look at each other, no one else could get in between them.Fourth Master s eyes were so warm when he saw Master Li that she couldn t help but blush.Before leaving, he did not give up and said, I will go to Fujin when he best prescribed diet pill adipex like diet pills is free in the future.Talk.After speaking, he led Ling Hui away like a ghost.Seeing her walking far away, Yu Chao put down her hand, her mouth felt a stabbing pain, she hissed, Yu Ping came over to take a look, and sighed Go back and new diet pill for high blood pressure get some medicine to rub, the master has jasper aloe ointment, I will take it out later Here you are.Yu Chao didn t dare to open her mouth, her cheeks were already red and swollen, so she could only swallow the words in her mouth, How dare you use master s medicine, just apply cold water.Yu Ping said You does smoking makes you lose weight are loyal, Naturally, I want to report to the master.It s just that Wang Gege s matter is not good to worry about the master, you use the medicine first, and come in to serve on another day.Li from the East Courtyard The utensils at the master s place are all fired in one kiln, and there is nowhere to buy them outside.Her brother recognized him immediately, he was relieved on the one hand, and even more strange on the other Who You are serving at Master Li s place.Although you are not close, who dares to slap you Yu Chao sighed., without saying who it was, said What s there to say best prescribed diet pill I slapped myself, and I can t rely on others.I m here to tell you that I won t go home in two days.Don t talk nonsense when you go back.Ah.What is nonsense Don t tell me why you came out with this face on your face Her brother sent the girl away with distressed frowns and drooping eyes, and heaved a sigh when he returned.Yu Chao came in for a short time, and not many people knew that she was serving in the East Courtyard, but she looked like a big girl who was close to her.

That s why the ancestors so simply strangled everyone s possibility of finding another way out.Jueercha admired his ancestors from the bottom of his heart, and this kind keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill of courage is not something ordinary people have.But he forgot that there are people in this world who would rather starve to death than work hard.But in the heart of the ancestors, it would not be a pity for such a person to die.But they are all her dear Ama s brothers, who are willing to give up letting her enter the palace because she does not enter the palace to become an old girl or it may be that they know that with her appearance, entering the palace will not be another Wuya family.But she really couldn t let go of these three loving bastards.But it is the most important time for a woman to marry for the first time in her life.Dare to help the handrail that is close at hand.The prince at that time, he personally named him Baoqing.Keep this great Qing Dynasty forever.This was the wish of Huang Ama, who passed away at the age of twenty five.Outsiders all said that Huang Ama s virtue was at a disadvantage, and he took away his minister s wife by force.Being a king is not virtuous, his nature is weak, and he is wanton and unrestrained.But Huang Ama in his eyes is a real emperor.It is said that he is weak, but who has seen him fight against powerful officials and clansmen After sitting firmly in the country, even the queen mother who was pressing on top of her head was firmly held down by him, unable to move rashly.God was not with him, so he only lived for twenty five years.When he was an adult, when he recalled the former emperor, he was full of admiration.Hong Tan blushed, touched his head and smiled embarrassedly, and after writing married , asked her Shouldn t I move out after getting married Li Wei didn t know what happened to the elder brother of the palace, and was the fourth master the emperor at that time She said If you move out of the mansion, what occupation will you do Hongyu was stunned, and Li Wei went to find out that after Li Wenbi became a Jinshi, she asked the fourth master about the official system, and the fourth master wrote some for her , Draw out the departments that Li Wenbi Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill can enter and what duties to take.The mother and son looked at each other, and Li Wei said Your ama is Baylor now, and ten years later you should be a prince, the son of a prince I guess it is impossible for you to become these petty officials.If your ama doesn t give you Please seal, if you want to make a living by yourself, it would be easier to get into the imperial bodyguard, right Li Wei started talking nonsense in a daze.Seven Baylor followed suit The son is too.After finishing speaking, he sat down without a word of nonsense.Babeile brought tea to accompany the laugh Hehe Master Jiu was very generous, stood up and said, My son s family is full of gege, and no one was sent in.He will be sent in after he gives birth to his brother to be beaten and scolded by the master.The words stabbed fourth master.Everyone is pretending to be a loving father.If you come stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner to you, you will change your heart to learn.To show off, you are looking forward to your son s success, right Jiu Ye sat down and hummed.Master Shi stomped on him secretly, and said My son s two elder brothers are still young, and the older one has just learned to be called Ama, and he still can t speak clearly.Kangxi was amused by his sons, until After the sons left in the afternoon, he was still smiling when he reviewed the memorial.The author has something to say Let s continue with the text See you tomorrow 81.Love your daughter like your life Prince Yu Fuquan has been ill for several years.Although these words are indifferent, they are also true.Originally, this year was supposed to be the draft year, but because the imperial physician said at the end of last year that Prince Yu was about to lose his strength, the emperor had no intention of drafting the draft so it was postponed for a year.Li Wei also heard that Prince Yu was about to die during the Chinese New Year last year.She also thought that it would be too miserable if she had to kneel and cry before she was born, or just after giving birth, but the imperial doctor s methods were good.Dragging Prince Yu to celebrate the New Year, it lasted until the end of June.In less than a moment, his face was black and his lips were purple.Zhang Bao asked people to guard him, and said coldly, I diet pills countertops distribution ll take it back after being frozen for an hour.If you can t die, just endure it.Just after the incident with Da Gege s nanny, Da Gege was taken care of and became sick again.This is not courting death what is it A bunch of dumb asses.Here, fourth master suddenly remembered that this is also an opportunity He didn t say much, and asked Fujin to ask some proper people to look at keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill Da Gege, then turned around and went to the East Courtyard.In the East Courtyard, Li Wei was staring Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill at a few children hurrying to eat.When something like that happened in the morning, everyone from Honghui to San Age had changed their clothes, but they didn t care about eating.Hong Hui was worried about Fujin, and San Gege was worried that her sister would also be in tears.Li Wei would agree because the nanny who was making an idea with her had three other people, but the only one who could successfully impress the third elder brother was the son of the nanny.There are also smart servants around her.The third elder brother is a boy in the house, and his future prospects will naturally be much better than her mother in law.This is not the only person who wants to covet him.Blocking is worse than sparse, she taught Er Gege to use her power to subdue her, so naturally she couldn t copy it as she taught Third Elder Brother.Li Wei wanted to take advantage of the fact that the third elder brother was still in his house at a young age, and eat up all the losses he could, so that he would be ready when he went out.He is a boy, and she cannot protect him for the rest of his life.When that day came, he couldn t guarantee that he could last for a few days.It s the most stupid thing to weaken yourself at any time.What you need is to become stronger and stronger, not to weaken yourself for some external reasons.Li Wei warned him, Only the strong can ignore all the conspiracies and schemes in the world.Hong Tan seemed to understand something, as if a new window was slowly opened in front of his eyes, giving him a refreshing feeling.The author has something to say I don t have time today so I won t write extra episodes, see 109, Yuxia tomorrow In the room of Yu Ping, Yu Chao and others, a nun is sitting and wiping tears.She is the nanny who waits on Er Gege, and was assigned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs when Er Gege landed.Sister, I have been working hard on my errands, and I never dare to slack off.

He said calmly and let go of their hands knife and handed it to Su Peisheng.The third elder brother was already crying into tears, choked up and said Don t want a little brother, I want my mother The fourth master hugged the third elder brother and patted him Be good, be good, my brother has been born, listen, my mother It s all right.Su Peisheng viciously went over and removed all the knives of Fu Chi and the others.Knowing that Fu Chi would definitely be punished for what happened today, several people knelt down one after another.Fourth Master didn t care about them, Hong Ting looked back at them, and after comforting him for a while, he also looked at the delivery room with Fourth Master.In the delivery room, the fourth elder brother had already landed on the ground.After taking a shower and wrapping it up, Mammy Liu showed Li Wei a look before giving it to the nanny to carry him out.Fortunately, Fujin was magnanimous and took care of them a lot, so no one would trample on them.When it was Niu Gulu Gege s turn to enter the mansion, Fang Fujin happened to be holding the fourth elder brother, and he didn t know what kind of ecstasy soup was poured in front of the fourth master, so he insisted on not allowing him to enter the mansion.Finally, the fourth elder brother landed, Niu Gulu Gege carried in a pitiful sedan chair, and ate a table without even calling the opera.But when Fang Fujin is usually free, he calls the mansion opera to relieve his boredom.I heard that the fourth master also asks the master of the mansion opera to write more plays that Fujin likes to watch, so as not to get tired of watching old dramas and feel unhappy.It s true that people are more popular than people.Tell everyone in the house to go out, and she can do it herself by serving tea, water and snacks, anyway, she just doesn t like to poke someone in the house when she is with fourth master, not even the waiter girl.Fourth Master has long been used to her problem, not to mention that he feels quite comfortable.Seeing her pouring tea, he reached out to take it, took her with one hand and sat together and said, Okay, I don t drink tea, sit next to me, don t be afraid of crushing your father.Li Wei really leaned on him unceremoniously, mainly because she realized one thing the physical strength of the fourth master who practiced martial arts since childhood is not comparable to modern weak chickens.Didn t it take a little effort for her to be carried around by him that night No matter what it is, being fat and fat is painful to hold.She cut off a strand of hair, wrapped it in a letter happily, and asked someone to send it back to her home.In the mansion, the fourth master was terrified by what Dai Duo said in the letter, Su Peisheng came in lightly, with a letter on the tray in his hand.The fourth master asked, Where did it come from Su Peisheng bowed and said, Master Li asked Zhuangzi to deliver it.The fourth master casually took it over and opened it, and a small braid as thick as a mouse s tail slipped out of the envelope.Ok Fourth Master picked up the pigtail netflix red pill documentary diet and looked at it in puzzlement.The top and bottom of the pigtail were tied tightly with red strings, and it looked like a three strand braid in the middle.What does Susu mean by sending this back If you can t figure it out for a while, put it aside first, and continue to think about the important matters such as the emperor, the prince, the brothers, and the situation in Beijing.In Yuqing Palace, Ah Bao was kneeling on the bluestone slab outside.He described himself as embarrassed, his figure swayed slightly, but he still insisted on kneeling upright.There was no one around, not even the little eunuch dared to pass by.In the study, the prince stood in front of the window as if he didn t see the person kneeling there.Hiroshi sat behind him.Hong Xi sat on the chair, but it seemed like a handful of nails had been placed under his ass.The prince s voice broke the uncomfortable silence You are a master, you have to argue with an eunuch, you have a lot of face Hong Xi s face turned red all of a sudden, and he said angrily I just don t like this kind of villain Damn Ama s reputation As soon as he finished speaking, he was so regretful that he wished he could swallow the words back.He fell ill after returning to Beijing, and I don t know how he is doing after all these days.You can bring some medicine and see him at his house.Come back and tell me if you have any troubles.With a word from him, Li Wei took the order to go out.This is the second time to stand up for fourth master.Two days later, after reporting to Fujin, she does winstrol burn belly fat took the gift prepared by Fourth Master and Fujin, and then she came to Thirteenth Master s mansion in a mule cart.Speaking of which, she only saw Thirteen Fujins in the Yonghe Palace she hadn t spoken to her yet.Now I want to pretend to be my own family and come to visit.Except for the medicinal materials, pills and new books prepared by Fourth Master, Fujin s gifts were for Shisan Fujin and the eldest daughter of Thirteenth Master, and there were only so many things for women, such as clothing and jewelry.Which post made fourth master so angry In the East Courtyard, Li Wei was listening to Nanny Liu talking about the Cheng en Palace.She only knew that there was a Empress Xiaoyi in Cheng en Gong s mansion, so the emperor named Empress Ama Tong Guowei Cheng en Gong.He just resigned last year, leaving only the title of Lord Cheng En.Although Nanny Liu was not clear about what she said, best prescribed diet pill Li Wei still best prescribed diet pill understood that in this era, there is no such thing as a retirement age.Tong Guowei asked himself to step up and resign without any illness or disaster.The emperor agreed.It can only be said that he angered the emperor.Get out of here quickly.Grandma Liu said Cheng en Gong has been thanking guests behind closed doors.I m afraid I won t see anyone when I go this time.Cheng en Gong s elder brother Longkodo is the only one who is present in Cheng en s mansion.She didn t know how much she envied Er Gege, Ama went to the East Courtyard every day, and could see her every day.It is rare for her and San Gege to meet Ama.Fujin said that Ama asked her to pretend to be sick, and had already discussed with her not to ask her to marry far away in Mongolia.But Zhijun Wang Da Gege is going to marry, Ama is actually not very sure, right Of the three girls in the mansion, Ergege is protected by Side Fujin, if there is anyone who will definitely not marry far away, it must be her.It s hard to say between her and Sangege.When she was a child, Ama took her to best prescribed diet pill race horses.After Sangege was born, Ama hated Erniang, and even became a bit indifferent towards Sangege.As a sister, she has to protect her sister.If someone really wants to go to Mongolia, she best prescribed diet pill will go.But she couldn t best prescribed diet pill ignore Fujin s words and Ama s confession Da Gege looked out the window in the direction of the East Courtyard, and remembered that when she went to visit Er Gege during the day, Zhang Desheng was guarding outside the West Wing.

This talk is over, and everyone can finally sit down separately.Those who what is the most effective fat burner the empress likes and are close to will be called to her side, and concubine Cheng and all the Fujins are on this list.When Hongyu waited for his grandchildren, the empress would call to her stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner side to pick one or two for questioning, and then asked people to take them to the side hall to eat, drink and have fun.The remaining concubines would go back to their own palace at this best prescribed diet pill adipex like diet pills time in previous years Yonghe Palace did not entertain them for food, drink and entertainment, but this year they all stayed.This surprised Li Wei.Surprised, the grandma of Yonghe Palace came over and knelt down to her, she hurriedly returned the salute, and the grandma smiled and said, Your Majesty, please go ahead and talk.Huh I am not favored, but I am shocked Nalashi, who was following her, didn t know what to do.I just came out of the main courtyard and went back to the front without paying attention, now I remembered.When he arrived at the East Courtyard, Yu Ping welcomed him in.Seeing that he hadn t changed yet, he asked, Master, do you want to change The fourth master looked down, and he didn t even change his clothes after returning home for a long time.He nodded, Yu Ping went to fetch clothes, and Yuzhan waited for him to finish changing.He asked them Where is your master He came in and saw no one for a long time.Before they could answer, he remembered it by himself, and asked again At Erhe s place Yu Ping knelt down to take off his boots, and said, Master went to see Ergege after he came back, and even accompanied Ergege.After dinner, I played cards for a while, and now I am talking to the nanny who is serving Er Gege.He glanced at her.Nanny Zhuang hurried in and asked softly, Master, is it time for dinner Fujin nodded slightly.Mother Zhuang said again After eating, the master is a little crooked She heard the girl said that the master didn t sleep well yesterday, so why don t you take a rest later Only then did Fujin come best prescribed diet pill to his senses, shook his head and said No, send a message to my family in the afternoon and ask them to come over.Her eyes swept around the room, as if hesitating, Zhuang Nanny followed her lap.She said again Let s just say that I got some good skins, and I want to send two yuan to my keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill family.Yes.Nanny Zhuang replied.The lunch was served, with four cold keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill and eight hot dishes, ten dim sum dishes, two soups and two stews, and a large table was fully best prescribed diet pill packed.Fujin glanced at it, ordered a piece of yellow rice and said, Take that soup and make me a bowl of this.When the two came out, fourth master just wanted to tell her that the children have been very good recently It was also a very strange thing, she slipped into the screen and asked Yu Ping to bring her clothes to change.Now he figured it out, she was hiding from him on purpose.Guessing Susu couldn t hold back, she would definitely say, he simply ordered someone to serve tea, sat down and waited.As soon as Li Wei came out, he saw Fourth Master calmly waiting for her to admit his mistake.In fact, it s okay, but she made a wish first so that the children can go out and be free for a while, and don t have to accompany Fujin to entertain guests at the mansion It s not a big deal, right In the past, she would remember to ask him for instructions before telling the children, but now she can t remember this.Zhang Desheng was beautiful, and asked him with a smile You are so clever, what s your name Later, my brother will promote you.The little eunuch narrowed his eyes with a smile Little Wang Yicheng has a brother keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill named Wang Chaoqing, who is also our predecessor.The waiter in the courtyard is the one who is in charge of paper cutting in the master s study.Zhang Desheng had a little impression, and then looked at the little eunuch, who really looked a bit like that Wang Chaoqing, and said happily, Is it my brother You two brothers Cut them off, don t you want this incense Wang Yicheng smiled sincerely, and said, Both parents are dead, and our brothers can t even earn a stutter, so who cares about the incense Seeing this, Zhang Desheng The two Wang brothers were more unlucky than him, so he felt much more at ease, he didn t accept Wang Yicheng s hospitality in vain, and said Don t say that brother doesn t take care of you, I will deliver supper to the East Courtyard later, you follow.Don t look at how lively the words are, if she is really told to do it, there is a 10 chance that she will not be out of shape, and Su Peisheng will snap out his eyeballs The master also knew it in his heart.The person who sleeps next to his pillow, he can t put a smart and capable person.Even if Master Li was really 70 shrewd in the past, and he has been in the circle for so many years, the 70 and the remaining 30 are the smoke from the Li family ancestors grave.He looked at the girl Yu Ping with a flustered expression at first, and then said something in the room, and she felt more at ease.Look, he said it would be all right.Su Peisheng yawned.Anyway, with Master Li, things that should have taken a quarter of an hour can be completed in a quarter of an hour.It was as if all the stools in the room were painted with glue, and they forgot when they sat down.Alcohol is the only way to lose your appetite.Fourth Master s health preserving strategy is quite similar to that, he believes in eating less and cherishing blessings, and only strictly eats seven or eight percent of his full meal, if he drinks alcohol, he will eat less in the next two days.Li Wei is not the same as him.Although drinking alcohol hurts the stomach, if you drink too much it will spoil your appetite, but you can t just eat less, it is better to eat less and eat more.Try to drink some noodle soup and eat some noodles.Carbohydrates that are easy to digest are the best.Therefore, the fourth master knew what she meant after hearing what she said.He shook her hand as if pleading, and said softly Today Shisan is here, and I have a few drinks.I have been busy these days.About Shisan, I drank a little too much, so I want to eat less at night.Please don t mind., is still worrying.She didn t want to give a wrong signal, if the Zhang family saw that they were indifferent, maybe they wouldn t be so focused on sending things.A few days best prescribed diet pill before the departure, she only found out that the Thirteenth Lord would not go back with him, and even the emperor would not return to Beijing, but went directly from here to escape the summer heat Li Wei was surprised for a long time, and immediately best prescribed diet pill asked Then who will go back with us Isn t Fourth Master called back to Beijing alone This caused outsiders to see it and must dieting pill kolwiki misunderstand it.The fourth master knew what she was worried about, so he patted her on the head hate it , and said, There s Lao Jiu.Lao Jiu played too hard, and the emperor was so angry that he threw him back.He went back because the emperor asked him to go back to deliver the decree.

Say it.Hong Hui smiled Then, holding the jug, poured him a glass of wine and pushed it over.Hong Sheng said We are a bit alike, my mother is a Fujin, and she is not favored, and there is a younger brother who is standing behind Fujin.After all, as a son talking about his parents backyard affairs in front of outsiders, it may also involve insidiousness and fighting for favor, that would be too ugly.Before he could say anything, Hong Sheng said to Hong Xi and Hong Jin Look, look, I just said that Hong Hui didn t want to listen.He continued, I said this because I treated you as a brother.If other people want to hear it, I have to talk about it Besides, those things about my family are disgusting, and I feel ashamed to say it.You just treat me as a lot of nonsense, anyway, they only laugh at me when they laugh, what s the matter with you Listen.Fujins from various prefectures also best prescribed diet pill diet pills to burn fat posted posts one after another, expressing their welcome to this great aunt.As the emperor s largest living princess, her importance is self evident.As a side Fujin, Li Wei had no chance to pay respects to Princess Rongxian.Even the Fujin in their house found an opportunity to pay respects to Princess Rongxian in the palace on the third day.They were left together to drink a bowl of tea and then called back.These were all told by Mrs.Tian from the third master s mansion.Mrs.Tian was so happy that she burst into tears and said to them, Our Fujin was very angry when he came back.She probably thought she could be kept for a long time.After a meal, the princess didn t even give her face, and she pretended to be pitiful and complained to our third master, but was scolded by the third master again.Li Wei heard it all in the car, and thought to herself, who is so bold Why is no one in charge All the guards on the royal road are blind Opening the curtain of the car, I could hear it more clearly.The guard accompanying the car looked at it from a distance, and came over and said, Master, it s the car of Cheng en Gongfu..She hurriedly said, Let s avoid it.When fourth master came back in the evening, meesh muscle burns fat when she mentioned this, fourth best prescribed diet pill master s face became ugly.He went behind the screen to change his clothes, Li Wei remembered that he had been fighting fires during this time, did he go today He changed his clothes and came out, and before his expression changed, Li Wei went over to squeeze his head and shoulders for him, and then talked about what he heard from Mrs.Tian at the third master s mansion.Fourth master can be happy about this What a small mind Seeing noon, Hong Hui, Hong Ying and the third elder brother came to report to the fourth master after class.The fourth master called triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill them in, asked Su Peisheng to take over the homework and flip through it, and said with a smile, It seems that you have worked hard.The three children were a little shocked, Hong Hui and Hong Lin were fine, and the third elder brother looked surprised smiled.Fourth Master looked up and saw his smiling face, so he called over and patted his head lovingly.Hongyu said in his heart It s all right now, Ama won t be angry anymore.The fourth master said You go to eat, there will be riding and shooting in the afternoon.Honghui, ask your master to lead you to run a few laps in the afternoon.After a few months of training, you should be almost ready in autumn.After the emperor left Beijing, fourth master never came back.With such a busy schedule, fourth master became famous.Li Wei knew this because the gate of the house had been closed long ago, but some acquaintances could still come in through the corner gate, and they were more enthusiastic than during the Chinese New Year.Asking Yuping to send Fu Nai s wife Ma Jiashi away, Li Wei breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing her shoulders and said, I don t think there will be any more visitors today.Yuyan thumped her shoulders and said with a smile, Master, if you don t want to see me, just let me see you.I don t see you.Yu Ping just came in and gave her a sneaky look.Li Wei didn t notice the girls winking, so she shook her head and said, That s not going to happen, even if you see them, you should be more respectful.There was a new child in the yard, which made the fourth elder brother feel fresh for a long time.Li Wei taught him to call Cousin, but the fourth elder brother was not doing well, Li Tan was startled first, and kept saying he didn t dare.Li Wei pulled the boy who had been here for a few days and still couldn t let go, and said You have to observe some rules outside, but you can t just ignore the rules and disregard human feelings.I am your eldest aunt, and best prescribed diet pill you have to listen to me.Anyway, she doesn t want her children to treat the Li family s children as slaves.Er Gege also specially came to visit this little cousin, she also met this cousin when she went to Li s house last time, who knows that he is even stranger than before when he entered the mansion.Li Wei understood that last time he was at Li s house, which was Li Tan s home game, and now he will be at Si Ye s house, which will be Li Tan s away game.Mrs.Zhao Jia didn t hide her secrets, nodded and said Go, fourth uncle and fourth sister in law treat me well, but they can t do anything about does beer make you lose weight it.I asked people to go several times, but they didn t find out.Wan Yan sighed, thinking After thinking about it, she quietly said to Zhao Jia Actually, our master doesn t know, he still wants me to inquire with you, thinking that Uncle Si will have a solution.She treated Zhao Jia very sincerely.The fourteenth master didn t know, and he was almost sure that the people in the triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill eighth master s group were also fools.Wanyan was originally not willing to do this kind of secret inquiry for the fourteenth master, but seeing Zhaojia s current situation, he felt sorry for her and said it.Mrs.Zhao Jia nodded gratefully, but Mrs.Wanyan was too embarrassed and tried to cover it up by drinking tea.When things happen, they re one family.No matter how good they were with the cousins in other mansions outside, they are the only triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill family at this time.After the eighth uncle took over the money owed by the household department, the money collection went smoothly.This made Hongyi feel very uncomfortable.Saying that he thinks that Ama is not as good as his triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill eighth uncle, it is too difficult to admit this.But the facts were in things to eat to help lose weight front of him again, so he had no choice but to think that Uncle Ba was too annoying.Also, the Ama people are so nice.Uncle Thirteenth and Uncle Fourteenth owe money to Ama to help them borrow.The matter of the prince is also impossible.Everyone who should be killed has been killed.After the beginning, the next step is simple.Hongyi naturally talked about the prince.Although he didn t dare to say that the prince was guilty of rebellion, he also believed that there were villains around the prince, and now that all the villains were killed, the prince would gradually get better.

The fourth master didn t avoid her at first, so he smiled and said Yes, you can meet again when your ama comes tomorrow.Are you happy now She rubbed his shoulders and back for him, and gave him He sang meritorious deeds, and even said that he was out of control like the Yellow River was flooding, so much so that fourth master wouldn t even let her beat his back.All flatterers are like you.No one in this world will listen to flattery.He still couldn t hold back the smile on his lips.Just talking about best prescribed diet pill Li Wenbi, he said Your Ma er s errand has been finalized, Baoding magistrate.Because it was related to her own Ama, Li Wei went to Hongyi to borrow a what is the price of golo diet pills book to read the next day.Hongyi asked her what she wanted to see, and she said that it was about local customs and history, such as Baoding, and it had something to do with the official system, and it would be better if it was officially published like the Dibao.Only then did Li Wei realize that she hadn t changed her clothes yet, so she turned around and took the jade bottle brimonidine burn fat with her.When she came out after changing, I heard that fourth master and Fujin had left first, and the child only took Hong Hui and Hong Lin away.This time Su Peisheng followed Fourth Master closely, and Zhang Qilin was left behind.He stepped forward and said Master Li, the master told you to go back to the mansion to preside over the road sacrifice over there.He paused, and looked at her expression intently.Li Wei knew that he wanted to know, but she couldn t explain to them that she was what diet pills actually work best prescribed diet pill not very happy stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner to kowtow to Zhijun Wang Fujin.Tell me, master, do you have any other orders He said My master said that being in mourning is bad luck, so I told my little masters not to go there.When Fourth Master came back at night, he ran outside for two months, but it was still too early for the house to be built.The emperor didn t know if he felt pity for the prince, Changchun garden said one day, one day stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner said to dig a lake, and the next day said the lake should not be dug triple green tea fat burner too deep.When she heard this, she thought it was because she was afraid that the prince would not be able to think about it alone She used to think that this best prescribed diet pill was impossible, but after what happened to King Zhijun, she was not sure anymore.For those who have reached the top, can they really adapt to the hopeless life now Yu Ping came in and said, Master, the soup is ready.She nodded and told her to bring it in.For the past two months, he was best prescribed diet pill running outside every day, so she asked Dr.Bai to come over every ten days to take his pulse.What are you thinking He said softly, holding her best prescribed diet pill hand.Li Wei came back to her senses, for a moment she didn t know what expression to make.It s okay.She said perfunctorily, put away those posts and put them away in the jade bottle.Master, do you want dinner Let them come, he said.He knew that Susu would be nervous for a few days every draft year, and she would be fine after a while.He knew what she was worried about, and it was impossible for him to reassure her repeatedly.However, Susu is not a simple woman in his heart.There are good children like Erhe and Honglin among them, and they have been with each other day and night for more than ten years, and they are facing each other day and night.If he wants to rest now, he will come directly to her, eat from the same plate, drink from the same jug, and sleep in the same tent at night.The window screens of the nobleman s and promised s house looked like they were freshly pasted, and some of them hadn t fully dried yet.The room is very small, two people share a suite and share a main room.In their respective bedrooms, there is only enough space for a bed against the corner, a few suitcases, and a dressing table under the window.Because the windows are too small, the room is very dark.Li Wei has never lived in such a house.When she entered elder brother s house, the fourth master probably only had two rooms at that time, so her room was relatively spacious compared to this one, at least she occupied two rooms and one living room by herself, and Yu Ping and the others also had a corner room.The nobleman s is better, enough for the standard of two bedrooms and one living room.They weren t so naughty before, they were brought by Hong Shi.Hong Shi is really different from Hong Yin and Hong Yun.After the fourth master came out, he took the boys homework test.Li Wei saw that it was too late, so he sent Erhe back first.Er Niang, shall I come tomorrow Erhe asked.Come on, Erniang has a lot of work waiting for you to do.She said.Erhe left happily, which made her feel a little sour.The palace is really not like the mansion.After staying for a few days, she is far away from the children.Otherwise, Hongqin wouldn t cooperate with Hongshi to make jokes today, and Erhe wouldn t be so excited even when he entered the Hall of Mental Cultivation.She stood outside for a while until Yu Ping urged her in a low voice Master, we should go in.Let him write a hundred big characters every day and send it to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.For example, when she first entered the palace, she was asked to ride in the imperial concubine s sedan chair, for example, to give the title to the unborn child of the Thirteenth Lord, etc.It s not bad, but it s just so good that she wants him to take it easy and not rush too fast.The queen mother herself should be very happy, right I may decline once or twice, but I am happy in my heart.This mother and son are so similar, looking at the queen mother from the fourth master, one can always guess eight or nine out of ten.But after hearing her words, fourth master slowly shook his head.He didn t say anything, not like refusing, but it also meant that he didn t like it.But he didn t say anything about asking her to sacrifice with the queen.Li Wei was somewhat relieved.Afterwards, the fourth master ordered the Ministry of Rites to preside over the Silkworm Ceremony.Because Wansui is still observing filial piety, the dishes in the imperial dining room are all vegetarian and meat.Today, Li Wei ordered a dish of braised tofu, which tasted like meat after braised in soy sauce.The dishes were still hot when they were served, and she actually finished these two dishes with rice.But Su Peisheng didn t leave at the side, she asked him and said, Long live, let the slaves see if your master likes it or not.Seeing that she had finished eating, the slave was so happy that he squinted his eyes.In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, it is much easier for fourth master and Hong Hui to eat.The father and son each had a bowl of rice and a small plate in front of them.The eunuch serving food helped them hold the vegetables and finished eating silently.The fourth master asked Honghui to go back to rest, and told him When you go out to ride a horse in the afternoon, don t rush too fast, and let your guards follow you.

hot.What did Huang Ama think He really doesn t understand.After Huang Ama entered the palace, she couldn t wait to take triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill the noble concubine in, but left the queen mother in the mansion.In the end, even the concubines and the nobles entered the palace, and only the queen mother was left in the mansion.He was named the first class public of the emperor s mother s family, and also the captain of Qingche from the imperial concubine s family.If Huang Ama really didn t want to make him the crown prince, he would just give up on being a virtuous king.But why do you still seem to love him so much Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, care for everything, and rewards from time to time Is this the way of Huang Ama s royal servants Just like how the first emperor treated Uncle Zhi and Prince Li back then, thunder, rain and dew are all the favor of the king Turn your hands into clouds, and turn your hands into rain.From the time they diverged at night until the two of them went to bed, he was still talking about Honghui, Hongyun, Hongyun, Hongshi, and Hongyi s educational ideas.He said Honghui and Hongyu are about the same age, do you think they should be named Baylor Li Wei didn t respond, and sure enough he shook his head the next moment Let s wait and see, when they should leave the palace.It was only sealed when the mansion was built, and it will be more beautiful then.She still didn t respond, because he changed his mind later There is no need to worry about leaving the palace.We will marry them first after two years.She continued to remain silent, and he After thinking for best prescribed diet pill a while, he said, Great marriagelet s look at it again.The first wife is very important, and Honghui s wife clan was will rowing machine burn belly fat not careful enough when choosing it, but that was also considered to be the stimulant diet pills triple green tea fat burner first emperor s marriage, and now it is changed to It cannot be changed.Yuyan really remembered this godbrother , and indeed mentioned a word or two to Yu Ping, but the money is nothing.The big eunuch waved his hand and said, I dare not accept my sister s money.The young one is now working in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Although he is still a rough envoy, he still manages one or two hundred people under his command.There is no shortage of money.I will do my sister s wedding.I didn t even bother to send anything, so how can I ask her again After two days, I brought the red envelope for my god sister, and asked Sister Yuping to give it to my god sister on my behalf.He took one bite at a time.As a sister, Yu Ping understood that this person really planned to come to Yongshou Palace.She smiled and said, It s her heart that she gave you, and it s yours that you give her, and they can t keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill be mixed together.Just eat that, is it salty When Su Peisheng stood in front of Liu Baoquan, the chef, who looked even fatter after seeing the imperial dining room this time, was sucking the soup in the soup bag with a reed stick.Chef Liu, please feel free.Su Peisheng said bitterly.After Liu Baoquan finished drinking the soup with a serious face, he savored the taste, and said to a eunuch in his thirties, It s not too late.down.Only then did Liu Baoquan bow his hands to Eunuch Su with an apologetic expression of Ah, I was too busy to see it just now Sir, I m sorry, I was trying to taste just now, and I didn t take care of you.Blow There is still steamed bun soup dripping on the front of the chest There was only half of the cage left just now Su Peisheng sneered, see if I don t scare you to death in a while After serving tea and snacks, the two of them talked about the peace of the world, Liu Baoquan reluctantly followed Su Peisheng s meaning and asked, he leaned forward and whispered Elder in law, we are old friends What can you do for me Let me tell the truth Su Pei was very pleased, and stretched for a while before speciously mentioning that it seems that he heard that the imperial dining room had neglected a certain master in the palace.Dai Jia personally went to the palaces to announce the good news, so naturally she also came to Yongshou Palace.Li Wei learned a lot from the Queen Mother, so she didn t say anything too much at this time.When Dai Jiashi announced the good news, she said it was really a good thing, and she just rewarded Dai Jiashi with something.As for Ge Ge and Ge Ge s child, no one in the palace cared.This is the same as when Honghui came into existence back then, no one cared about Hongyi and the others.Hong Hui was always the one who was brought into the palace by the fourth best prescribed diet pill master, and the eldest son was also brought out by other palaces.So the future of this child depends on whether he is a boy or a girl after landing, and whether he can live safely until what diet pills actually work best prescribed diet pill he grows up.This year, Yongshou Palace received another gift.She remembered what Mammy said, and she heard that the maid of the Changchun Palace seemed to want to lead her to ask what was going on, but keto diet pills free trial best prescribed diet pill she just didn t ask, and let Tiaoxiang send her out properly.up.But then she heard about it too.Sure enough, just like what Mammy said, there is no need to inquire about these things, the palace cannot hide things.I heard that it was the empress who handed the seals for them to the emperor, and the imperial concubine happened to be by her side, so she said that they didn t have any merit when they first entered the palace, and it was inappropriate to seal them so high at the beginning.Long live changed his mind, probably because he didn t seal one, he was afraid that the queen would not look good, so he only picked Su s seal and agreed, and stayed with the queen.After the noble concubine saw her, she said a few words and thoughtfully asked her if she wanted to see Duanyi.If she wanted to see her, there was no need to be afraid of the repercussions.She called Duanyi to have a meal together.Li Wei didn t say this because of the fourth master and the empress.The two couples are really the same in this respect, and they don t want their adopted daughter to meet with their biological parents more.Probably in this matter, Li Wei really didn t have much sense of reality.I also want to know that it is impossible to raise such a big adopted daughter into her own in just a few years.Since why did the adopted daughter adopt in the first place, why did she have to hide it Could it be possible to pretend that this is not the case without mentioning it Now they meet their biological parents once, but less.No more bad dim sum.Singing along, although drinking Jinyanyu at home, it s better for Duan Lang.In order to follow Duan Lang, she can stop wearing a Luo Yi and eat fine noodles from now on.Then she was so hungry that she couldn t bear it, and with a condemned conscience, she washed the wild vegetables she had dug in a stream and ate them.He also sang I dare not tell Duan Lang, lest he think she is greedy and lazy.The concubines who listened to the play were moved to tears probably laughing.Li Wei This drama is getting more and more stupid.Go back and talk to fourth master, he will definitely think that this couple are idiots.In this regard, she has a lot of confidence in him, at least when reading the playbook, the two of them have the same three views.She couldn t help but kept thinking about what fourth master would say after going to the Hall of Mental Cultivation at night As expected, the two of them should watch this show together.

3 South Office.Zhang Desheng panted and pointed at him You are not kind Zhao Quanbao smiled and bowed again and again, and said, Thank you brother for being considerate for me.Then he rubbed his elbow affectionately at him, shook his head and said, Brother knows, oh , my brother, my legs trembled when I saw Changchun Palace.Bullshit.Zhang Desheng didn t believe a word, but he sighed Oh, brother knows, brother, you are also a hard working person.Zhao Quanbao was touched and said, My brother will feel better when you say that.The two played brotherly love, and the eunuchs who came out with them also had expressions of emotion, and they all cursed in their hearts Are you free to do something What are you talking about here If you leave the palace early, you can still go shopping in the street After the two exchanged compliments, Zhao Quanbao asked Zhang Desheng if he wanted to go to the South Third Institute to kowtow, because there were still some important people there.The only thing she knew was the milk used to knead the dough.Everything else was ready made and piled on top of the cake.Row.Eunuch Liu worked on it for two months, and it wasn t until New Year s that it was finished.Li Wei tasted it and thought it was good.Because there are no fresh vegetables in the palace in winter, although there are carrots and corn, most of them are pickled vegetables, so the sour taste is enough.I didn t dare to use too much hawthorn ebony sauce, and the salad dressing was also brought up for Siye to use Seeing this new type of cake at first glance, Fourth Master smiled and said, I ve heard that you ve tormented Liu Baoquan again, for this year s New Year s feast he only came out to cook a few big dishes, and left the rest to his disciples.If you want to put this elsewhere, it would be contempt for Shengen, but Liu Baoquan is quite smart, and he plans to retire to the second line after finishing this group.Regardless of whether this brown sugar stewed elbow is for a mother who has just given birth to a baby or for him who has just had a board and his butt blossomed, even if it is eaten to make up for it, it shouldn t be stewed elbow He took Liu Baoquan s hand and complained that he was helpless.In the Forbidden City, there were too few people who had friendship with him, who best prescribed diet pill were in the same position, who were tight lipped and had no interest.There is only one Liu Baoquan in count.Tell me, I ve been out of Beijing best prescribed diet pill for six months with the Long Live Lord and I didn t come back.When I came back, it was the Golden Festival, Shengshou and Winter Solstice plus Chinese New Year.How can I have the time to take care of my brother s little gege What about the beatings of the maids around me It s not my turn to worry about that, right Su Peisheng only focused on one person in his life, and that was Long Live.How important the queen is to fourth master does not refer to this person, but to this position.To put it bluntly, just like marrying the rare and the rare, and marrying the old according to the old, a woman who marries a man will be at his mercy for half of her life.When a man marries a wife, as long as he is not ruthless and treats his wife like an enemy, basically people in this position can influence him for half his life.That is absolutely no regret medicine.The nanny who was sent to Hongyu Future Fujin s home had returned two months ago.It is reasonable to say that this nanny is the one she sent, and it is not impossible for Mrs.Borzin to take it with her, but she thought about it one step further Does this look like a mother in law inserting someone next to her daughter in law In fact, this little Fujin was only fifteen after he came in, so young.In this way, who would think that the elder brother entrusted the younger brother with his garden Is this a blessing triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill How does this call the elder brother how to deal with himself Ba Ye paused, put down the wine glass in his hand, sighed softly, and said The emperor s behavior reminds me of the old days.The county king and Prince Li are here.He Zhuo couldn t help but ponder.Back then, Lord Kangxi was unpredictable, always seemed to be flattering the prince, and then let Prince Zhijun and Ba Ye take care of the prince s face.It is said that he loves the king of Zhijun, but he also ruthlessly cuts down the king of Zhijun.Flip over the cloud, cover the rain.Emperor s mind.Ba Ye got up, looked at the moon hanging in the lonely sky, and said leisurely Your heart is unpredictable Now he doesn t know what to do.This is the first time she has boldly interrupted his business.When he heard her order, Eunuch Su was not willing to go, and even blocked her with words This I don t dare to, long live I don t allow my servants to wait for me best prescribed diet pill when I review the papers and discuss matters After she really said it, she was neither nervous nor afraid.Li Wei glanced at Su Peisheng, I ll take care of things.The imperial concubine has said so, Su Peisheng is kind, you take care of it.How big do you really think you are Isn t she just a concubine No matter how expensive you are, you are not a queen.When he got to the front, he didn t really just go and tell Long Live in a daze.The noble concubine said that she was really worried, but Wansui would definitely be reluctant to scold the noble concubine, and he would be ready to take the blame by then.Li Wei snorted, and then asked the Empress Do you have any other orders, how is the Empress Dowager Very calmly and naturally asked all the questions that should be asked, and someone took them down to rest.After the fourth master came back, he should have to ask them again, and then he sent a message Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill to ask them to return to Beijing to answer the queen.The group of people escaped out of the tent like heaven.And the atmosphere in the tent was also very how did mina lose her weight bad, Yuyan and the others all said, Master, are you alright , If you want to vent your anger on others, come to your slaves Looking at her with that look in his eyes.Li Wei felt that it was abnormal for her not to get angry at this time In fact, she was very peaceful in her heart, just like when she found out that the house was rising faster than her salary.She just didn t expect that she would have something to do with that dish brand.She is arrogant, although she is a noble concubine, she is not a queen.The only one in this palace who is not on the green card is the queen.The green head card means that they are all concubines.At least on the outside, Fujin can get a little bit closer to Fujin.After entering the palace, no matter how expensive her concubine is, she is still a concubine and cannot become a concubine.Li Wei suddenly felt sober.With a self conscious smile, she let Chang Qing go down too, and rewarded him with the same things as Zhao Quanbao.After meeting fourth master at night, she curiously mentioned the green card.The fourth master smiled and said, You said you haven t seen it and want to see it You can play with anything.He called Su Peisheng to bring the green head card.

Both the empress dowager and the imperial concubine use it, so it keto ultra diet pills uk must be a good thing.After getting dressed neatly, Mrs.Wu went to Changchun Palace early.But Madam Zhuang in the main hall said that the Queen had no time to see her at the moment, so Mrs.Wu abducted her to Mrs.Song to talk.The two talked for less than a quarter of an hour before they heard that the noble concubine had come to pay her respects to the queen.In the main hall, after paying respects, Li Wei sat down and said a few gossips before leaving.In the past, she had nothing to say with the queen, but today she was putting triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill on airs when she met the queen, and even wanted to keep her for dinner.Li best prescribed diet pill Wei laughed dryly Your Majesty is kind, but I was dizzy after riding all the way, and I just wanted to go back and lie down The queen really looked at her lovingly, and said, You should also know how to take care of yourself.As early as a few years ago, when she was facing Honglin, she no longer treated him as a child, and clenbuterol fat burner online she would listen to his opinions on some external matters.But this time they really wanted to go Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill wrong.It should be said that everyone thought about it.They all thought that fourth master wanted to establish a prince, or that they were all fascinated by the position of Prince and covered their best prescribed diet pill eyes.Li Wei also often reminded herself in her heart that it was up to the fourth master whether to establish a prince or not, and she only lived with the fourth master in her life, and she would not interfere with whether or not her sons were blessed, or who was Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill blessed.But when the harem and the former dynasty seemed to be staring at Hong Hui and Hong Lin, she also unconsciously thought that the position of the crown prince was to be chosen from the two of them.Shouldn t this follow up matter be discussed He originally quick workouts at home to lose weight thought that what everyone wanted to grab was the job of announcing the good news, such as who would be rewarded, who would be promoted, and who would be nominated by certain people.But what he didn t expect was that there were a lot of people robbing him of offending people s errands.Among them are his good brothers, like the third master, the ninth master, the tenth master, and the eighth master.Li Wei saw the fourth master sneer and said, Are you planning to play triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill tricks behind my back again Chapter 413 In Prince Jun Enyi s mansion, the Thirteenth Master rushed to the Old Summer Palace without caring about talking to Mrs.Zhao Jia again.The streets of the capital are still covered with snow, except that the snow on the avenues has been cleared away, the alleys are still the same.When holding a banquet in summer, it is natural to have a place near the water to keep it cool.He asked Li Wei if he would like to take the opportunity to have fun, and she said honestly that if he wanted to invite the female relatives together and make the banquet bigger, then she would be willing too.If it doesn t matter if she can do it or not, then she still doesn t want to bother.Fourth master knew that she was not a lively person, so he didn t force her too much.Make people take good care of Wan Fang an and don t let people accidentally break in.After the banquet, Fourth Master took Fourteen to Changchun Garden to greet the Queen Mother.It is said that the mother and son chatted quite well.In the evening, when fourth master came back, he was a little drunk, his face was ruddy and beautiful, and his eyes were bright and energetic.The color of the soil covering the top layer was exactly the same as that of the side.And the stone didn t know whether it was kicked away by someone or what happened, but it disappeared anyway.Fourteen and best prescribed diet pill he took the eunuchs to dig that area but couldn t find it, so they could only admit that someone else might have dug it away.Fourth Master was really angry at that time, and Fourteen also burst into tears.He refused to talk to Fourteen any more, and Fourteen cried all the way back to the Yonghe Palace, and heard that the empress had punished him severely.But the finger can never be found again.Now best prescribed diet pill that I think about what happened back then, the anger and dissatisfaction with Shisi at that time have long since disappeared, and I feel that the memories of that time are really good.Li Wei was afraid that what would happen if the two brothers became like the fourth master and the fourteenth in the end I just wanted to ask Hongzhe to apologize to Hongzhe.The crying on her side gradually subsided, Wuge sat down and sighed This year, Long Live Lord is celebrating the New Year in Yuanmingyuan, Prince Ruyi and Fourteenth Baylor have been proclaimed to the garden, but your master and I still go to the Hall of Supreme Harmony.Wuge Fujin didn t know this yet, so he hurriedly said Master, can t think of a way Anyway, let the master go to the garden to kowtow to Wansui Wuge shook his head and said, Do you think I haven t been in the exam I best prescribed diet pill know this Afterwards, it has been reported, but there is still no news.I don t know if Long Live Lord didn t see it, or think I m too busy Wuge Fujin knows that the holy will is the most important thing.The queen has many brothers, and long live may not necessarily make them Cheng Engong s mansion, just like the uncle s family who moved out.In the end, they didn t even dare to hang lanterns in Bada Hutong.Later, the soldiers who commanded the yamen best prescribed diet pill adipex like diet pills of the infantry began to do this spontaneously.They don t harass those who are running business listings, and these are usually paid for by Shangguan to buy Luyin.What they are looking for is to rent a small courtyard and secretly open the door to do business secretly.Li Wei keto trim diet pill reviews s two uncles accidentally heard about the Ulanara family s Gangan from the mouth of a young master.The news got out.Many soldiers and ruffians with long hair who were idle voluntarily found Gang an on their own.Everyone knows the following things.Although the soldiers and ruffians failed to blackmail people, the matter developed more seriously than expected.This is how things like making small jokes and making small jokes become like this.At the end of Li Wei s speech, she said My two uncles are getting older now, and I feel confused, so I just thought about asking them to go home to take care of their son.The fourth master smiled and said I don t think so, and I can t blame your uncle for this matter.If Gang an was clean and innocent, this kind of thing would not happen.It is better to pull it out now than to keep me in the dark.If the Li family intends to frame him, then he May be angry.But Su Su couldn t be blamed for this.What s more, it is not surprising that the two sides are fighting now.In fact, Fourth Master originally thought it would be a more serious matter, but in the end he just wanted to discredit Gang an or Cheng en Gongfu s reputation.To put it bluntly, although it is not a good reputation for cheating, it is not particularly bad to hang out with others.

Yuan Ying tremblingly said Now, is Wansui still unwilling to tell the truth to my concubine Fourth master Scanning over, he what diet pills actually work best prescribed diet pill was also surprised You still think you are right Yuan Ying straightened up subconsciously, and asked in a loud voice What is wrong with this concubine Please tell me long live.She shook her lips, This concubine is willing to confront anyone.No one can do anything that this concubine has never done.Press it on the head of the concubine She didn t understand, she was the queen Why can she be convicted without asking a single sentence Even if the emperor has no affection for her, at least he should have respect for the queen.She was married by the late emperor and gave birth to Honghui for him.She was not at fault, so why should the emperor take away her phoenix seal The fourth master said a name of a person named Yuanying who was a little startled Cao Deyi, do you want to say that you don t even know who this person is Yuanying tried to calm down, but her heart was beating wildly.Looks like it s early.Hong Shi was about to cry, but he just came here for a walk, but now he spent a whole day here, and just now the second brother asked someone to bring his luggage from the garden.Tell Er Niang again, just say that I need your help here.Hong Yun brought a bowl of yogurt to Hong Shi with brotherly love.After a busy day, the three brothers sat in the study and opened the window, chatting while blowing the breeze.The sky is full of red clouds outside the window.Third brother, what are you busy with I think they are all from Shandong.Hong Shi was tired all day before he remembered to look.The so called summary is to ask him to read it himself and write an abbreviation.Things like county chronicles have to be read consecutively.For example, a locust plague in one year may halve the harvest in the next year, and then there will be refugees, the people will lose their land, and the officials will lose their people.You see, they still have knife wounds on their arms.These are soldiers who have fought in battle.When Hongzhang was still in the palace, he liked to take a group of people around the east and west palaces.He often went to the Qianqingmen Taihe Palace and Kunning Palace.Even the Imperial Garden was too small for him to use.Compared with the brothers above, his team is the most complete.Hearing what Hong Tun said, he smiled and asked the head of the guards who followed him to come over, and said, This is Temur, he is the best He is even half a head shorter than Master Fourteen.But Hongxuan didn t dare to underestimate him at all.From the time he saw Hongxuan, this Temuer had never been one step away from Hongxuan.After taking a small step back, it seemed that he did not hinder the play of the little elder brothers, but he was standing diagonally behind Hong Tun.In fact, as long as there are no major problems, it is impossible for the child to fail to be born.Unless the parents bodies have any shortcomings, like the sub health of modern people.Li Wei had asked Bai Shizhou to show Honghui and Wulanara s pulse on the grounds of asking for a safe pulse, and they were both in good health.Then she has the confidence to save the child.As long as they are in the Old Summer Palace, she can guarantee that nothing will go wrong.As for what will happen after returning to the palace, she will not be in charge.It is impossible for fourth master to let them return to the palace now.To celebrate the New Year in the Forbidden City, red and colorful decorations are everywhere.Even if you don t return to the palace for a long time, the money and new clothes that should be distributed will be distributed early, so the maids and eunuchs who come and go are all dressed up, and everyone should say congratulations when they meet, and don t speak bad words in the New Year Otherwise, you will be unlucky for the rest of your life in 30 day fat burn legs and butt shaper workout the coming year.Even if it s something that the emperor wants to do, if they don t want to do it, they will rack their brains to think of ways to make trouble for him.As soon as he does red light therapy make you lose weight returns to Beijing, those who have accumulated energy for a long time will make big moves, and then it will be the time for real trouble.In the capital, Gang An walked back to the mansion in the dark.The servant carefully told him that recently his concubine brothers went to Ama s study every day, and some people went to look for his mother in law.Gangan sneered under the cold moonlight, Could it be that those people still want my mother in law to accept another son No one outside the mansion knew about the fact that he was injured and injured his grandson, but the mansion couldn t keep it a secret.Although Ama and Erniang killed a group of people, they still knew everything they should know.It was so Follow The Step best prescribed diet pill late now, and he had just sat down.Li Wei said distressedly It s too late to take a bath tonight, let someone wipe it for you, lie down for a while and then massage.Tomorrow, I will go to the Changchun Garden to meet the Queen Mother, so you can go about your business.Four The smile on Grandpa s face became much more relaxed, and he nodded slightly.After taking a bath with a hot towel, not only the eunuchs who best prescribed diet pill were waiting on him had their hands burned red, but the fourth master s skin was also red all over.He lay on the bed and fell asleep when the eunuch massaged him halfway.Li Wei was sitting by the bed to accompany him, and when he heard his regular and soothing breathing, the massage eunuch couldn t help but lighten his hands, and knelt down quietly My lord, the servant will continue to serve you She asked him to back down, covered him with a quilt, and after a while she washed and changed her clothes, Fourth Master had already turned over, rolled into the bed with the quilt wrapped around him.He never thought that in the eyes of others, he was actually like this.He has always hoped to be like the first emperor, treating his courtiers with equal respect for kindness and prestige.The courtiers feared his thunderous wrath, and died for the late emperor s kindness and tolerance.But the more time passed, the more he realized the gap between him and the first emperor.He longed to be loved by his courtiers, but he was annoyed at their ignorance of good and bad, which betrayed his good intentions.He hoped that they could all understand that as long as they were loyal to him, he would be able to repay the loyalty of his subjects, and he even didn t mind breaking some routines for loyal subjects.But if he dared to take advantage of his favor to act recklessly, he would never show mercy Fourth master looked at it for a while, and finally smiled and said This painting is good, it is placed here, and I can often come to see it when I come back.Now that you are down, Li Cang and Li Tan should go up.Long live will not treat them badly.There are ups and downs, Li Cang and Li Tan have not moved in the past two years, because Li Wenbi is sitting in Zhili Governor position.Now it s time for the second and third generations of the Li family to appear.The third class is exchanged for the first class, and it will be repaid to Li Cang and Li Tan in the end.Li Wenbi continued to nod, her daughter has always been able to speak very convincing truths.Seeing that Li Wenbi didn t look angry, Li Wei breathed a sigh of relief, and turned to talk about the fourth generation of the Li family.Hongqin has children, and the fourth generation of the Li family has quite a few.The Li family is going uphill, and the family business is gradually growing.Li Wenbi has been in office for the past few years, and even the Jue Ercha family returned to Beijing to take care of the family.

He beckoned Vivi, come here, Ama has something to tell you.Seeing that he didn t seem to be joking, Li Wei asked people to step back, and came to wipe Li Wenbi s feet by herself, and asked him if he wanted to squeeze foot.Li Wenbi smiled and said, You, do you know that Ama wants to discipline you, and you are trying to curry favor with Ama He paused, and said lovingly, Ama won t discipline you, come and sit down.Li Wenbi seemed to be chatting, saying Reminiscing about her childhood You used to be like this.After you told your mother about Ama, you would definitely pour tea for Ama, squeeze her shoulders, and secretly steal wine for Ama from the old lady.Mrs.Li loves to drink, but Jue Ercha has nothing to do with her mother in law, but restricts Li Wenbi to drink, only three glasses a day, and can only drink with meals.Li Wei seemed to recall something in Li Wenbi s words, I used to be like this too Haven t improved in skills for decades This unscientific Li Wenbi thought back to the past, and looked at the daughter sitting in front of him now, he really felt that she was still the same as when she was a child.He said softly, Yes, you were like this triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill when you were a child.It sounded like it was something from his past, so Li Wei relaxed.Li Wenbi said at this time You have grown up now, and you even have grandchildren.You have grown up a lot.Ah Ma saw itI feel sorry for you As he said, his eyes turned red.Li Wei frantically wiped his tears with a handkerchief, and kept saying, Ama, I m doing very well.I don t know how many people envy me for my life.Long live, I haven t changed in decades, really.After she finished speaking, she froze for a moment, then continued to nod affirmatively Ama, don t worry.She nodded, and fourth master said that she didn t know how to cherish her body, so she put on a tiger face and asked people to prepare meals.Li Wei, who was cared for , was taken into the back room by the fourth master to wash and change clothes, and also called someone to give her a massage.The two had a meal in peace.Li Wei was not very interested in what the fourth master had been doing for the past two days when best way to lose weight in stomach and hips he disappeared.As long as he came back now and would not disappear again in the next few days, she would be satisfied.Although he can t help much, having him is like having a backbone.It doesn t take much effort to find two reasons for him, but it seems that his heart will always be tense and unable to relax.He wouldn t let her sleep after the meal, but best prescribed diet pill she had already been pinched by the eunuch who best way to lose weight in lower stomach pinched her feet, making her where to buy keto burn xtreme pills dazed and dazed.Longkodo let his concubine Li Si er attend the funeral of the Empress Dowager, and was imprisoned for disrespect.Everyone in Jingli felt a little strange.The Tong family has long since failed.Why did Long Live Lord suddenly attack the Tong family again The author has something to say Good night, today is still an best prescribed diet pill adipex like diet pills update.Chapter 487 The Empress Dowager s funeral went well except for some discordant notes.Whether it s the posthumous title proposed by the Ministry of Rites or anything else, it s all over again.While in the harem, Li Wei felt that it was good that it went so smoothly, but at the same time felt sad for the Empress Dowager.If she could have had a biological child, even if she would be gone by now, as long as there are descendants, it would be impossible for the court to be so smooth and not stutter at all.The clothes he changed after entering the house It was soaked inside and out, so Li Wei took it out of the screen and said, Don t rush to change it, let someone carry water to soak in it The fourth master answered from the screen Okay.He came out with his back bare, his chest was very white and his muscles were there, but Li Wei was not fascinated by the masculinity, and he could see his tanned neck at a glance.Fourth Master didn t show his face when he was in the sun, the first thing that showed was his neck.When the bathtub was brought in, Fourth Master soaked in it, and Li Wei took the medicine to smear his neck.This potion is sunscreen and has whitening effect.The fourth master was soaked in the water, his whole body was steamed red, and he said dumbfoundingly I m not a woman, it s okay to get tanned, right Li Wei Look up.He was not young at that time, and he was not like a child who could take care of himself well.The imperial doctor said that it was because of this that he ate a bowl of rice But it can only play half of the effect of others.After a long time, the body will naturally become weak.The best prescribed diet pill fourth master was persuaded by her, and felt triple green tea fat burner tru diet pill that what she said made sense, so he said Then I asked the imperial doctor to prescribe some medicinal prescriptions for Shisan My son, let him take care of it from now on.Li Wei sat next to him, and finally turned the topic to Fourth Master she had never discovered that Fourth Master was so dull.He wondered if she would care so much about Lord Thirteen She said Master The fourth master put down the book, turned to look at her, and smiled Huh He felt Weiwei come to hold his hand, and she said, Master, let the imperial doctor take a look at it too.After thinking about it, Hiroshi came up with an idea.He said Being a bodyguard requires complete hands and feet.Can t we find someone to break Hong Chang s leg Hong Yun said That s too cruel.Just break the arm.Ruthless.I don t know what he must have done After several deliberations, they decided to pretend to be jealous, or cut off Hongchang s nose, or cut off one of his ears.That s good.Hong Shi said cheerfully, Anyway, it s just that he can no longer enter the Qianqing Palace to work as an errand.He didn t hurt his muscles and bones, and his face best prescribed diet pill was a little discordant.He had already married Fujin and had a son.Not even a daughter in law can t marry.Although the trick is a little dark, it is undoubtedly quite effective and will not cause major troubles.So they discussed the manpower, found out the route, and determined the action plan Hongchang will not leave the house.

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